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The video describes a typical mission of the mobile robot Merry Porter, designed by Genova Robot srl with the collaboration of the University of Genova.

Merry Porter runs ETHNOS for real-task scheduling, and SARTOS for the real-time selection of tasks to be scheduled depending on the current operating context.

ETHNOS was executed as a distributed real-time operating system on the robots of the Italian ART team during the RoboCup World Championships Paris 1998, Stockholm 1999 (second prize), and Melbourne 2000, as well as in the European Chanpionship Amsterdam (second prize). ETHNOS, “borrowed” from the opposite team Golem Team, won the second prize in Melbourne 2000.
The video, taken from the short film Robocup 99 by Mika Taanila shows the final against Iran in Stockholm 1999

The video shows ANSER (Airport Non-stop Surveillance Expert Robot), an intelligent autonomous robot for surveillance relying on ETHNOS for its real-time multi-agent architecture.

The video has been shot at the Villanova D'Albenga Airport, where the robot has been tested in 2006. ANSER has been developed by DIST - University of Genova. 

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